Does He Want To Marry Me?

There comes a point in any relationship if it gets serious enough where you are going to ask, “does he want to marry me?” Women naturally begin to visualize him proposing once you start to think that he may be your soul mate, that he may be “the one.” Though as every women knows men and women may be on totally different wavelengths and realities and while you maybe thinking about marriage his headspace may be somewhere else totally. He might have completely different relationship goals as you or maybe wants to take it at a slower pace than you do.

You could ask him if he wants to marry you. Though that might be too much pressure for him and you might scare him off. You don’t wan’t to do that. Thank goodness there are some other more under the radar ways to divine whether that man you love wants to marry you.

I know it can be hard sometimes but the first thing you should do is listen to him more and pay attention to what he is actually saying. If he is talking more and more about his future and you are included in it that is a very good sign. But his plans just have him in it that is not a good sign at all. Also pay close attention to the kind of words he uses. Does he use self-centered words like “me” and “I” when he talking about the rest of his life or does he use words like “we” and “us.” If he is using the latter then those are very good signs he wants to to build a future with you.

Another tell tale sign is that he is paying more attention to his fiances than usual. He is not spending as much and trying to save more money than usual. He may be also looking into credit cards, loans and lines of credit. Of course this could be signs of financial distress but it could also be a sign of something more positive like he is saving up for an engagement ring or for a wedding. He could also be doing it to make sure you have a safe and comfortable life together.

One more clue to his future intentions with you is how he makes you relate with his family. Assuming that he gets along with his family if he invites to often to partake of activities with his kin that is a green light for you. If he is making you feel like one of the family that means he is planning for you in it.

Also if these techniques don’t answer the question “does he want to marry me” there are a few other options out there. You could do like what I did and used a psychic like the one I found at The professional there was able to read my future so well it was super-freaky! Though judging from the ring on my finger she turned out to be pretty accurate.

So is hope these tips help you to figure out the perennial question that every women has once she falls for the right man, “does he want to marry me?”




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